Intransigent Narcissist

…it always seems like I hear a song on my playlist that I utterly despise when I set out to write a blog post. I am over the Yngwie Malmsteen phase, so why do I packrat on about it and repeatedly fail to hit the delete key? At least get it out of Winamp.

Listening to: Final Fantasy X – Otherworld
via FoxyTunes

There we are.

I do not know how I find these things. Really, I am prepared to swear on a bible that I was looking up schizoaffective disorder for personal reasons.  Somehow this came up.  It was made twice as funny by the fact that I found myself reading about TV Tropes the other day, and some things stay in the mind.

Anyway, it made me laugh so hard I popped one of the balloons tied to my computer chair (no really), but it also reminded me of my childhood of diagnosing cartoon characters and playing Freud with G.I. Joes.  The latter was of course the fault of one particular Joe, and the fact that I read the backs of the packages and kept their biographies.

This particular Joe was and remains my favourite.  :D  The third version of Psyche-Out, available from 1991-2.  Known in our Joe-crazy house as both “the blue one” and “mine”…even though it was technically either my brother’s or my dad’s.  I regularly commandeered their action figures.  I don’t think I ever did learn to ask for G.I. Joes instead of dolls.  Didn’t matter, though.  I liked both, and my brother always got the Joes, so it wasn’t exactly a problem.  ;p

This probably explains a great deal of what entertains and drives me, though, if given some thought.  I still want someone to write his doctoral thesis so I can read it.  The title alone nearly set me on that career path in school.  “The Use of T-Shirt Slogans in Enemy Troop Demoralisation” is so full of cosmic win that it falls over and worships itself.

I’ve spent my life surrounded by colourful characters–alive, imagined, and marketed.  So I suppose it’s really no wonder that I’m a writer in the first place, is it.


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