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The end of the week always seems strange to me.  I never really see it coming.  Yesterday I was KPERed, which I dreaded, because I always find the card the morning before I have to deal with it (which means I have to put it out of my mind or fret all day), and I’m also always certain that the mistake I made was incredibly embarrassing.  Such as typing CA instead of PA, or barely mistyping in a country selection window.  Tiny mistakes that either make no sense or have quite big consequences.  Thousands of miles because I typed a one instead of a two.

It happens.

Anyway, it turned out to just be rule confusion.  I’ve said before that the rules are pretty steady but the mails are arbitrary.  If I get KPERed by Gary, usually I can get some leniency when I really didn’t understand or know something, but anyone other than him is nice, but not terribly ready to say “Oh all right then”.  Which is fine.

My error rate is still under 2 per cent, which is the important thing.  1.29 isn’t awful, I guess.  And I was finally able to ask how long I’d gone without a KPER, which, it turns out, was eleven weeks.  Hee.  Since I asked, I get a PAT.  The KPER emailed Ramona about it then and there.

Given the corporate reshuffle or however you like to call it, it’s a little bit sad that PATs are basically going the way of the sabre tooth tiger, or the office job equivalent.  But there you have it.

The weekend is going to be quite full.

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