Brainstorming still

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Might have an idea for Camp NaNoWriMo.  It’ll be kind of hard not to start writing it now.  I really quite like it.  It has some bumps and things that could marketing problems, but I’m not worried.

A while back, I was talking about a story idea I had with the title “Rebound” and the characters’ names changed off and on.  There was also a sort of element to it that never quite sat well with me.  The whininess of the main character, and general hopeless nature of the story.  Or the nature of its hopelessness.  Just seemed weak.

I renamed her, injected a bit more basic level quirkiness, and she’s a lot stronger now.  The character arc isn’t so much about taking a floppy bit of string and making her become a real person through adversity, as it is about a decent person growing up a little more, and doing something important in spite of the odds being quite against her and her cohorts.

The other characters still have to go through the same kind of overhaul, Calvin in particular, but the two catalyst characters are pretty clear in my mind.  I also know where the story ought to start for once.  Before, I had planned to start it at the point where she breaks up with her boyfriend and nearly becomes vampire food.

Now, it starts just before she meets him, and runs through their odd little courtship while she thinks she’s helping him become a better person, and he’s checking her against his personal idea of the perfect mate.  I’m thinking of that as part one, beginning about when she signs on at Sanctuary 24/7, and ending either when the vampire attacks her, or when Calvin rescues her.  Although I probably won’t format it that way.

Part two will be the repercussions of attack and rescue.  I think I’m going to keep Eames the way she was, although a little more tired and a little less gung-ho.  Possibly older.  The vampire needs a new name.  There’s a different gimmick to it than before, though not too.  Same joke, really.  I’ve placeholder’d him as Ted Scott, until I think of something incredibly dull.  I’ll probably piece it together later tonight or tomorrow.


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