Well I’m rubbish

I can’t believe this.

I just wrote an entry and when I clicked Publish, it deleted it and then posted a blank entry. I checked the revisions, and the only previous version is identical–as in, blank.

The really crap part is that it wasn’t even an important entry. Sure, it’d piss me off if I’d written a lot and it had been important, but this seems so petty and tedious. A total waste of five minutes that I could have spent doing something constructive, like bloody getting dressed. Geezalou.

All I said was that even though I set up the admin email for WotW, I wasn’t getting any of the emails to my own account. Which is stupid. Another time when I just didn’t bloody think, and I catch my own backlash. Go me. What a rubbish failure I am.

Great. This is the perfect mood to slide into when I’ve got more to do. I’m tired of cleaning up the random acts of hatred my computer spews at me.

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