You can tell I’ve had no sleep at all

Listening to: “Satellites” – Sugar Ray

I drove all the way home from work today, from the car park to the driveway. I didn’t have to pull over, I didn’t get into any trouble, and I did fairly well.

It must seem incredibly boring to other people, but I’m starting to get excited. The hardest part–knowing my way around–will take longer, but at least it isn’t being held massively back by the fact that I don’t know how to drive and never have.  It’s amazing how my perspective has changed. I don’t feel like an idiot when I get into the driver’s seat now, and I kind of know what I’m doing when I get in and get started.

The van goes through a fair amount of different drivers, so it’s no surprise that I usually have to adjust the seat, steering wheel, and mirrors.

I feel almost confident while driving now. I’ve even thought about what it will be like when I’m by myself. I really need to get a smaller car, maybe like Stephanie’s. Maybe sometime this weekend, she can take time and let me take hers around so that I can see how to drive in a vehicle that’s closer to the ground. I’ve only ever driven the van and Ethan’s truck.

Probably gonna sign up for my hours tomorrow. At least, I hope to. Yesterday was the writing group and then today is going to be my visiting teachers. I plan to sleep until six o’clock after they leave. That will be more time than I had yesterday. I kind of wish I had taken a nap though. I feel oddly together.

Maybe tomorrow we can leave early and I can drive out to the REC. Or the next day. It seems like I can only do one major thing a day and the days in this week are filling up quite quickly.


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