Cheesecake is a sometimes food

Listening to: “Don’t Forget Me” – Zajed

And Jedward is a bad idea. Or maybe it isn’t, success is a fickle, ridiculous thing.

I have lots to say and no time in which to say it. I think I’m finally getting my Little Britain DVDs today, which is ace. I’ll have something to watch while I address envelopes. Going to sign up for driving hours today, so I need to sleep. Maybe I’ll get home in time to write more about what I’m thinking and doing. For now, I’m happy in the knowledge that I’m pretty much on course–not behind anymore.

It’s like living back in the times when being a Jedi was cool.

I won’t explain what I mean. That was mostly just fun to type. I’m going to listen to this and go to sleep.

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