This is just getting insane

Okay, I don’t even know what all I have missed in not writing. I think it started just before Friday or Saturday, and that is the biggest thing ever. Maybe I should have taken a break from everything but writing in my blog. Because when so much time passes, I don’t want to write about it. It’s happened and I’m happy or unhappy about whatever it was, and it feels tedious to go back and talk about it all. I don’t have the patiences to go back and detail everything.

Most important thing is that on Friday, Steph went into labour. She had high blood pressure, so everyone was pretty scared. I had to call in and cancel my observation session, just so I could be there with her. I did go home once–I was sorely in need of sleep and expecting my favourite sort of company, who would have arrived to an empty house had I not gone back. We went back to the hospital together, once Ethan got home, and stayed until the baby was born at 12:40am.

She’s the loveliest baby in existence. Six pounds, nine ounces, and twenty inches long. When we first saw her, she had wide open eyes and kept sticking her tongue out. Hee.

After that, it’s been rather a come-down. I have been exhausted every night at work, to the point that I’ve slept through my lunch break. It’s frustrating, and a little scary that I can lose that kind of control of my mind. This is the first day I’ve been able to do anything about it. Granted, that’s only two nights I’ve had to fuss, but one was too much, and it was going on last week as well.

Got my premarital exam yesterday. It was a bleedin’ two hour wait for a five minute exam. Humiliatingly stupid. But at least it’s over with. Now on to everything else I have to do.

I haven’t even eaten yet today. Day after tomorrow, I do my first driving session. I’m nervous.


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