Centrifugal motion

When everything stretches out in front of me, I have this vast ocean of potential. Twenty minutes of free time. It’s paralysing. I think of tonnes of things I ought to do, even more that I can do, and I just freeze. Too much choice. I need something to narrow the scope.

Today I have some stuff planned, but it fits into a specific time window, and I have a good couple hours before I have to do it. What can I do? I can try to write some blog entries to fill up the month, but with only ten or eleven entries and about a week left I don’t care to bother. I’ve thought of quite a few things to write about, but I haven’t been able to write my daily words. That was when I used to get my time to just freewrite, to force out any other concerns.

I should read more of DK’s story so that I’m familiar with the plot. I have the first or rough draft. I could try to rewrite Daf and Rhys, finish Bianca’s story, or return to Rebound. …haha, that last one sounds dumb.

Bleh. Don’t buy American Falls bottled water, it tastes weird. I’ve been dehydrated all week from lack of time, which sucks. It makes it hard to sleep–I couldn’t sleep until half past four–and I get headaches.

It seems like no matter how much closer I get to my license, I don’t run out of or past nerves. My drives and observes are done, I can take the test on Monday or Tuesday. I still have the written, and then I have to get a GPS or get lost forever. Sigh. Still no good at that. I know the way to maybe four places, and most of them are useless.

Still, we soldier on. Today is my bridal shower, and I’m excited~ That’s something else I should go do, help clean up the house. But I just feel fatigued. ^^; Ever as it was, I suppose.


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