Pippa Noble

Poor kid. She’s got a name and a face, but I’m still not entirely sure of her setting. The first book features the Sea of Dreams, but is it the setting or the subject?


Talking at lunch. I’m probably not gonna get to change my name properly. Which sucks. Maybe I can go by whatever relevant office and get a regular name change. Bollocks.

All night, I’ve wanted to leave and get a packet of crisps. Not so much that I’m hungry, I’m mostly just really bored.

It’s manifesting as food want. Of course I haven’t got any and I shouldn’t stop at Winco after work just to get a packet of bloody crisps.

What a lame thing to talk about. Listened to Showstoppers at last. It’s mostly good, they all improv quite well. One or two of the songs I wanted to share. With whom, I would have to consider.

Day 1 half over. I’ll go home and make some zucchini and squash. Maybe chai to go with it.

…there’s something that always makes me sad when I run into it. Disparaging and ignorant remarks about religion. I seem to always run into it here. At least I haven’t gotten punched yet. It amazes me how mean people are.

I live in Utah. Why do I feel more discriminated against and alone here than I did in Israel?


2 thoughts on “Pippa Noble

    • I honestly don’t understand how you came up with that. (for one thing, internalising things to be about me is kind of the opposite of how I think, act, and am) It’s a group I belong to that was being discriminated against. I wasn’t talking in a broad spectrum.

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