Excited and tired

My emotions are bouncing about like mad. I took an early out this morning, so I could get some extra sleep. Turned out to be a good idea–when I got home, I had to help Mum carry her clothes into my luckily mostly empty closet because hers had broken. We worked in the room and picked songs for the reception playlist. I was really glad of the help. I’ve got about 7000 songs (at least) and I have to pare that number down according to what is appropriate and what other people will like. Daunting, and I’m gonna have to do it by myself.

Steph and Stacey brought the kids over today! Caiden looks much better in boy clothes. XD I got some pictures of them, so I’m happy. Gundi sent the gift she’d gotten me for the shower, and so did Sister Kendall. Alexa had fun helping me open them. I gave her the ribbon off of one. She kept wrapping it around her legs.

Still counting down the days ’til I have off from work. I’m so incredibly done fussing over it. I wanted to leave last week. Any time I work this week is bonus round.

I’ve been trying not to care about whether our not I get the PSE position. I want it, need it more than that, but I don’t need the bloody stress. A few people I know didn’t get it, and received emails that let them know. Somebody who probably got one was not notified, but she went on her five day break this week.

My requested time off is futzing with my guessing ability. So I might have a position, or I’m not in group one, so I’ll receive a decision for group two or three. Which is still no security at all.

Trying out Evernote. I write bits on my breaks. Right now I have notebooks for Pippa and the Best Options. Nothing really solid, although I have a gimmick for beginning WDTWS and a place to start for Pippa. Most of the cast for each is noted or detailed.

I’ve still got to get Evernote on my desktop or netbook so it’s backed up a little better. So far, it’s a handy little program, and much better than Quickoffice for editing. The GUI is also rather nice, which may not be important, but our makes me happy.


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