What a day

Never felt like I had so little sleep in my life. I’m okay now, but woof.

After I got off work, I went to pick up Nick to take him to work. I was well exhausted then, burt it was nothing compared to how I felt by the time I was driving home.

So of course I missed my turning and came across a load of cops and slowbies. I did get home by nine, although I would normally call that the insane hour.

Driving just hasn’t been kind to me the past few days. We had a right kerfuffle getting to the airport today. It all turned it all right in the end, so no harm done. I wish I wasn’t so rubbish, though. Utterly useless at directions.

Still. We picked up Don, which is brilliant. Made it back somehow.and I played my first game of Risk ever. I used to have a board from the 70’s, but I only ever staged battles and the like with it. Apparently I did quite well. In two turns, I conquered the whole of Germania and Atlantis.

Also pinned down a time for the rehearsal dinner and a sort of a hen night.

Time is starting to fisheye. Just three more days. Two, really. We’ve got everything in order (or such is the hope) and there is only to wait, it seems.

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