Pigs Can’t Look Up – Shea

Listening to: “Jaa Chudai” – Delhi Belly

old post, just finished.

Pigs Can’t Look Up is an idea that I’ve been toying with in this pocket of “no time, lots of pain”, and I’ve got some notes on my Blackberry, thanks to having free time and nothing else to write with in an odd place. I still have no time and lots of pain, but I still want to free-write a little bit in the different characters’ perspective. Today that will be Shea, but if I can do it again, there’s also Ivo, Noam, Reagan, and Abraham. Probably in that order.


I held my arm straight up and held my elbow in my other hand, stretching. A yawn sat pocketed in my throat. It was barely ten minutes past five. The sun wasn’t even up yet. Not that I would have had much use for it. My eyes were still bleary after not quite enough sleep.

A car whizzed by, providing a circuitously man-made breeze. I tugged my sleeve over my hand and rubbed at my eye, muttering nonsense under my breath. It was too early to be working.

But of course that was exactly what I was heading off to do. I stumbled over a gum wrapper, nearly leveling up into a full trip when my shoelaces got involved. Too clumsy to walk. And I’d gotten a job as a farmhand.

The sun was still just peeking out at me, but although there wasn’t much light shining, out was the angry glaring light that only looked good in documentaries about the African veldt.

I kicked my shoelaces out from under my feet and resumed shuffling. It was going to be a long day.


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