I keep having these wild dreams

Listening to: Traffic outside the window and Dither talking about a photo on the internet [“SAND”]

Just woke up from a nap–those things are glorious, by the way–and I’m going on this trend of crazy dreams. Maybe it’s from sleeping at night and then napping.

The latest one I was actually in. Dither and I were in a hotel that was a boat. There were mostly corridors and a lot of public areas, and all of the staff took uniforms seriously. The women, who were something like flight attendants, all wore pressed blue uniforms and fake smiles.

One of them flubbed up and roomed a woman with us. It was the middle of the night, and the woman climbed right into our bed next to Dither. I was upset and insisted that she couldn’t stay, no not even until morning. It was not okay. The woman in blue was clearly miffed about it, but she took the overbooked passenger away and we went back to sleep.

The next morning, when we returned to our cabin/suite after being out, we noticed that a vase or something was broken. That helped us realise that some things had been taken. The things I remember the most were three swords and a knife. Dither was particularly upset about those.

I spent the rest of our trip trying to find someone to remedy the situation and get our things back. The women in blue kept avoiding me, and whenever I talked to a passenger or a lower employee, someone on the PA would speak my words along with me, over me.

Even after we finally got someone (a male manager in a white dress shirt) to get our things returned, not everything was given back. The swords were still missing.

We got off and moved all our stuff back into a flat different from the one we live in now. Then, somehow, the dream went forward to a later time. Dither had tracked down the woman in blue, and we headed out to confront her.

She stopped us short of her home in an empty car park. She gave us this self-righteous spiel about how everyone makes mistakes and we should have let that woman stay ’til morning because it was late and she just needed to sleep. Then she said that she’d never give our things back, and she turned into a small brown bird (sparrow maybe).

This was where it got strange. I tore up a chunk of the sidewalk and threw it at her, intending to scare her into changing back and therefore prevent her getting away. It was only after I had actually smashed her under the concrete chunk that my real consciousness caught up with events, thanks to Dither talking about them.

I was upset that I had killed the woman, but he explained that many of the things we owned had the potential to grant powers of gods to “wielders”. I guess maybe we were keepers of the items or something, and that was why we had to take them with us on the hotel-boat. I had a Thor’s Hammer pendant, which explained the strength. He didn’t know what the woman in blue had, but it must have given her shapeshifting powers.

We decided to continue to her home and retrieve our things from her home. I woke up just after we went in and started to explain. Her father and a little girl–a niece, maybe a daughter–were there.

After I woke up, I told Dither all about it, and he said I should write it down. I keep having these dreams that sound like stories. I should write the other one as well.


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