Well that happened

Gotta push the negativity off the top of the page. Although that may not be a good thing to attempt when I’m kind of feeling guilty. I am socially wonky. There are tonnes of things I ought to be doing, and I’m not.

Oh yeah, and things have happened.

First of all, the wedding was lovely. It wasn’t too hot, and my dress is freakin’ awesome. I should be able to put up some of the photos on a sub-page here as soon as I get a hold of someone who’s got them. Things like that do not get handled well. We still haven’t gotten our marriage license in the mail. Anyway, a lot of people came to the wedding, and we found out that one of the guy’s in Dither’s D&D group is also in my dad’s coin collecting club. That was hilarious. A classic “You know this guy?” moment. It could have been a movie.

Also. BATMAN CAKE. We totally had one. I know where I can get a photo of it, so I’ll have that within the week. It was so awesome that it turned everyone’s teeth blue. And I helped to design it, so sa-ha. ;p

Honeymoon was one of the coolest experiences I’ve had to date. One thing I totally didn’t think about until it was right in my face was the rich people lifestyle treatment.  Meals in courses that deserve Michelin stars. I’m sure it’s already on someone else’s blog, and I don’t really feel like I can properly go on about things. I think… Some things, if I don’t write them down immediately, are supposed to stay in my head forever. They live there, and they don’t want to come out. I could honestly just type a bunch of buzz words and remember things.

  • Abdul and Rico
  • Towel creatures
  • Ocean view
  • Betty and Judy
  • Diamonds and sparkly things
  • Following the mobile eclairs
  • BIRDS (of the angry kind)
  • Getting lost and then not being lost anymore
  • Softserve
  • Jack and Lorraine
  • Archie carving ice and watermelons
  • Art gallery
  • Moose nuggets and penguin poo
  • Sitka
  • Bishop Innocent
  • Rescued icons and wall from the fire
  • Arthur, Cole Porter, and a Big Fish
  • Fuzzy boots and a pretty skirt

That was actually a lot of fun. I could seriously go through that and just enjoy it myself. I will put up photos later though.

Getting home has been interesting. We have gotten a lot of things done. I’ve had times when all I’ve done is get tonnes of stuff done. Everything feels like an accomplishment. We picked up my desk and desktop PC from my parents’ house, and Ethan and Appa put the bookshelf together at last. I used a pretty cool app to get all of my books into a database, although Children of Dune is kind of missing. I hope I don’t have to replace it. I was really happy about having that edition.

Heh, speaking of editions, I have a first edition of The King who was King. HG Wells, baby. And a couple of signed books.

One crappy thing that happened, which is oddly mixed with good fortune, is that some moron backed into my car. I was parked on the street in front of my parents’ house–I even saw the idiot pull into the cul-de-sac. But I was doing laundry, and I had a strong feeling that I should get back in the house. Our next-door neighbour saw the smash and wrote down the license plate, the saintly man, and that worked everything out beautifully.

I had to make and take about a hundred phone calls (yes, hyperbole, but ten phone calls is still ridiculous) all that day, let alone the rest of the mess bleeding on. They found the guy, his insurance accepted liability, and it all got set up. Aside from hiccups and having to drive around in my poor, dented TARDIS for almost a week, things seem on course. The TARDIS is in the shop, we have an awful Enterprise rental.

Seriously, this thing needs to be a character in a movie. It’s an enormous Chevy Impala. I call it The Moose, or Moosey when I’m being cute. The pedals are sticky, the door tries to attack our neighbour’s Suburban (or the police-neighbour’s police car O.O), and I feel like I need divine intervention every time I leave a parking space.

Counting down the days until I get rid of this awful human vehicle and get back into my beloved TARDIS. I had no idea I was so lucky to get it. I feel it anew.

Anywho. Life is good. I’m trying to get past apologies and back into the rhythm of life. Going to pick up my husband from work soon-ish, and then we are going to do more of this shopping stuff. People gave us a billion mixing bowls, but no one thought of cookie sheets or frying pans.

…I still want a tablet. Schwing!


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