The longer you leave something

The harder it is to go back.

Not just that it’s become a bad habit not to blog. There’s just too much to go and catch up on. I found a job as a nanny, and today was my first day. It isn’t ideal, but the kids are cute and it’s only three days a week. Transporting them to school is easy (so far) and my first day was a short one.

First of November is going to be almost thirteen hours though. I will have a chunk of time to myself, but it’s not the best way to start NaNoWriMo. I have an idea, but it also is not ideal. My mood isn’t exactly stellar either. Dunno why. I just feel terribly down.

Maybe it’s the overwhelming aspect. It’s been a long time since I watched kids this age, and there is some pain there. Nothing terrifying, just divorce and a move, but still. It’s not my business that Thing 2 misses the old house and talks about moving back to Utah. …Explanation may be necessary. Utah feels enormous, and Thing 2 is rather young. She understands that she lives in Utah now, but the old house is also in Utah. It makes sense if you’re under ten.

What is my business is that pinched noses, too-hard-too-fast facial pats, and Thing 2 sitting on my head all hurt. Hyper is one thing, rough is another. I need to get a round of activities together, or next week is going to be difficult. I need to work on getting a lot of writing done in a short amount of time again. Really, really need my tablet to get repaired and returned. My backpack is not sacred ground, and I do not like the idea of bringing my netbook to share the house with the kids or sit in my car until joint school time. And the tablet fits in my backpack better than my notebooks do.

Going to write a post about fiction now. Maybe.


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