PaPW – Enter the Players: Captain Doctor

Dr Anson Chevalier

A once-respectable doctor turned head of a prostitute Family. Narrow shoulders, large hands, reassuring smile, and a voice like warm milk.

Anson had a sheltered life in the comfortable third tier of the Stable Empire’s caste system. Old money, wellbred, but not old or well-bred enough to garner enemies more dangerous than mildly jealous peers.

The only son of the Chevalier-Kensington family, he shaped his life by giving his mother two unique birthday presents. The first was to take her name, a trend among widowed ladies at the time. The second was to enter the medical profession.

He passed through school and his first residency, exceptional, but acceptionally so. Until one day a particularly rich patient made a pass at him. The action went right over his head, but the nurse on staff was enough audience to embarrass and anger the patient, a duchess. She had him blackballed from every hospital a man of his standing could reasonably work in.

Ashamed and unaware of just why, he decided to leave for one of the pillar cities. His mother approved after concluding that it was a romantic idea. He promised to send her letters every week, and booked passage on a ferry to the largest city.

Once there, he stumbled into the red light district and, found the most suitable place for an innocent-minded, dutiful gentleman doctor: ob-gyn to the ladies of the night. Before he fully realised his new place in the world, he had gained his own following of prostitutes.

Anson has a very protective personality, and he’s also well-spoken and charming. The prostitutes in his “family” include a fair amount of men, who have some of the same reasons to ally with him as the women–safety of a non-abusive “family”, a place to live, and a reliable gossip network. Their medical treatment is not as specialised, but it’s better than what they would have to pay for elsewhere.

The girl that Jessaminica meets is part of his Family.


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