PaPW – Enter the Players: Dancing Blades

Jessaminica Nakkerman

A lissom nineteen-year-old with natural grace and crippling paranoia. Dark hair and eyes, birdlike form and attitude.

Airship pirate mechanics used: Neobedouin, Beast Dancer

Jessaminica’s mother came from a long line of lives spent in the pillar cities, surprisingly stable structures made in an ancient attempt to reach the gods. She often left the skies to visit the terrabound tribe, Patient Hawk. After a year of steady visits, she joined the tribe, married, and Jess was born.

Disease hit the tribe when Jess was fifteen, claiming both of her parents. She had already reached adulthood as a Patient Hawk, and lived in relative comfort until her mother’s wanderlust hit her in reverse. She has decided to take to the sky and seek out family on her mother’s side.

She bartered her mother’s jewelry for passage on a passing pirate ship, the Barracuda class Turlington Wheeze. The captain, Mary Turlington, took her as far as the small pillar city of Seriaga. There, Jess ran into a gang of thugs roughing up a girl for their boss, a loan shark.

I could go on, but this is the point of failure/success, where I spin a random result instead of deciding the outcome the regular way.

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