Petticoats, Pipewrenches, and Japecakes

Listening to: Reaper Man

I haven’t hit any real problems with character creation beyond very minor coding and interpretation snags. That sounds so much cooler than it is. I think my language is simply geared that way. Also, I keep stopping (including this blog entry) to write We Do The Weird Stuff.

It’s rather a shame that I haven’t kept up my blog and I have no inclination to go back and update anything that’s happened. There’s a lot that I’ll probably mention glibly with no explanation or extant backlog.

Anyway. The problem I was having yesterday that was not related to codes and formulae, was in mixing up a character I want to play or see played in a legitimate game. The automata in Airship Pirates are quite interesting, and of course there are dozens of different stories to tell with such creatures. However, it may not be a role there is room for in the story. Arete fills well the prostitute representative, while the filler ladies and men can show up as they like. But if only one of the major characters is a prostitute, then that is a little unbalanced.

Hrm. I could just take whatever blow and move on.

Another reason I haven’t worked on it today is that I’ve started learning to embroider. I love that it went from being an expected activity for ladies, to being a hateful symbol of the yoke on women, and now it’s something awesome and hobby-tastic, like knowing how to make your own clothes. Time is a funny thing.

I’m learning blackwork. I have “homework” to read, but I’ve been practising, mostly. First I just did the things I learned how to do last night, but now I’ve started working on adjusting and changing them. It’s helping me find the science of it, the method. Sort of like reverse engineering. Maybe I’ll get better at it. I hope.

Still, NaNo is in a few days, and I’m working then. I feel kind of nervous just thinking about it. I have not missed or failed to complete NaNoWriMo once since starting. I don’t think I could bear it if I did.


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