NaNoWrimo 2011 – Day 1

People who know me really well knew this day was going to be insane. I had a twelve-hour day with the kids, and one of my earliest mornings so far. I had to wake up at a quarter to five (4:45 seems oddly more impressive) and drive out to Sugarhouse. Under massive amounts of rain that turned to snow by the middle of the day.

Luckily, the kids didn’t wake up until nearly 7:30, so I had at least an hour to write before the day really started. And I drove the kids to each of their respective schools, so that was about twenty minutes of walking saved, at least.

I started my official novel, The Alice Legacy, first. I’ve got about a chapter and a bit, but it’s clearly awful. I like the title and the concept, so I might call this the super-rough, and just rewrite entirely anew in January. But some fun characters have appeared, so at least there’s that. I just need to keep going.

Around 12:30, I got my big block break, while both kids were in school. I wrote a lot, hated Alice, read some manga, and wrote about 700 words in the story I’ve already been writing. The first story in the We Do the Weird Stuff line (it’s the name anyone knows it by, but eventually I will call it by something else) is called We Have to Start Somewhere, and I started on chapter six to give myself a break from Alice.

My plan is to have at least 20,000 words for WHtSS, and the regular 50,000 for Alice. Thus, I shall have to finish with a minimum of 70,000, or I did not win. You raise the stakes and it makes everything look easier.

Anyway, the day wasn’t too awful, aside from bits. The weather was gross, and when I got to the house, some random person had parked where I usually do, so I had to do a bit of space-finding. I was nearly late for the first time. The kids were totally sugar crazy throughout the day, and when I got home, my tablet just bricked on me right before bed.

3621 words.


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