NaNoWriMo 2011 – Day 2

Listening to: Husband cleaning kitchen

Got out to Sugarhouse about ten minutes early, but the queen mum (an honestly respectful and liking-ful nickname) had slept through her alarm. So I, thinking I was a little too early–usually I only get there about five minutes early. I stayed behind in my car reading for a little while, then felt bad when I went in because I could have called and maybe helped with time.

Anyway. The kids woke up before she was even able to get out the door, and I managed to get Things 1 and 2 up and going with breakfast and coats. We walked Thing 1 to school, not realising that the temperature was still forty thousand degrees below zero. Some of the other people walking their kids to school were doing so because their cars would not thaw out in time to drive to school.

Thing 2 and I nearly died, having to walk twice as far as Thing 1. We both solemnly vowed to take the car when it was her turn.

I didn’t get much time to write, but when she did watch a couple of cartoons, I was too sleepy from a late night (it took almost an hour to resolve the tablet bricking issue) and waking up at 5:30 after a nightmare. Brain would not create words. But I’m glad I didn’t force it–for why, I will come to.

I made some quiet time letting Thing 2 play downstairs with her mermaid Barbie, and cleaning up after the breakfast dishes. Snagged a Halloween candy from Thing 1’s bag, because sugar makes him insane. (laugh with me please) And I realised that I was yawning a lot while she wanted to play, so I tried doing some stretches to simulate exercises so I wouldn’t be so tired. I actually started wishing for a nap around 9. Ridiculous.

We got to preschool a couple minutes late because someone had a prima donna moment and lay on the floor for a couple minutes. But it was no big deal. I went back to the house, totally forgot to clean up the last of the toys (I still feel guilty), and then drove home singing some song on the radio that had the word dangerous repeated a lot.

I came home and started getting everything synced so I could write. I nickel-and-dime’d Alice, occasionally going so far as to wish I could quit NaNoWriMo. Procrastinated with Twitter for the first time in ages, while dealing with the problem of writing in a dialect I do not really use (Alice is written in ASE). Eventually, I hit a cool part and just rode the tidal wave until I hit a point where I had enough wordcount for that story, and needed to get into We Have to Start Somewhere for at least 700 words.

I figured out that that is all I need to get the 20K I want for that story from this month. Getting about a thousand one day and then just under 1500 the next is not up to the NaNo 1700 (rounded up), but neither is my modest 20K. It’s about completing a novel, but I don’t think it should be at the expense of the novel I’m currently really into. So my NaNoWriMo this year is, very like last year, about keeping in touch with the basics of the “contest”, but also expanding it so that I don’t have to give up what I was writing before.

Starting before November is not against rules unless you count what you wrote before November. Lots of people do WIP.

This is not going to be an ambitious year. I keep telling myself that’s okay. Maybe I’ll believe it tomorrow.

Any road, I got my wordcount even further than I wanted it by about 16:45 (stopping to check my wordcount involves a lot of maths, and probably slowed me down even more than research does) and got on making dinner. Pasta and fried falafel, at hubby’s request. <3 Had it all ready just about the time he walked in–I would have been done before, but I didn’t realise I hadn’t made enough falafel the first time round.

We watched Castle while we ate, and now he’s in the study writing his words for today. I wanted to just sit and play Sims 3 for a while, but I need to get to bed. I might just curl up in bed with a glass of water on the bedside table (i’ve been way dehydrated lately, getting more nightmares) and fall asleep.

Day 2. Not bad.



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