NaNoWriMo 2011 – Day 3

This was such a bizarre day. Work was quite normal and fun. Thing 2 was angelic, and the weather did not suck. She watched one movie, and I borrowed that time to write about three hundred words for Alice. But mostly novelling had to wait.

I had to finally take a check to the credit union myself (I’ve been outsourcing) so I looked one up on my phone. The building was not my credit union. It was either a Supercuts or a Chase branch. It took me about an hour to run down that wild goose and then bypass a road-closure to get to the branch closer to home. Then the teller’s check-scanner broke and there were some shenanigans.

Yet again, I wrote myself to a place where Alice was not skilled or fun. I broke out somehow, even though I wanted to quit entirely. It won’t be readable, but the character development is fun. I’m getting nuggets of usability. Dean, a guy who showed up, got fastforwarded personality and relationship to Alice, and is going to introduce the plot. This will be because he is not human, but thinks he is there for one of the other Alices he’s been watching.

Because so much of my session was like pulling teeth, I took a game break while Stuart fixed the dryer. My game mostly broke, and I decided to lay down and read manga until Dither came home.

We talked about tonnes of things. It’s been a great day for conversation. The Thirty Years War and Beauty and the Beast as realised by Disney, The Three Musketeers, et al.

I got sick and had to throw up, so I made him go write. I didn’t feel any better, but I finally got started on my WHtSS portion of my writing day. I expected to be happy with the needed 700 words, but this story is actually good. I got just over a thousand and went to record my words.

Hopefully I’ll be able to squeeze in some words tomorrow before going over to work on my skirt.



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