Doing something a bit weird here

My post for yesterday is a Portal 2 review for a couple of reasons. I was not in the mood to blog, and getting a review for something I really enjoyed and am enjoying was a good way to get myself into a writing mood. Also, I was playing it yesterday, not today. I played for a couple of hours, and it was a topic of conversation more than once that day.

It was a normal day with the kids, although I had to be there early and Thing 2 was awake when I got there. She was happy with stories until it was time to actually get Thing 1 awake and ready for school. While we were waiting for the first bell, one of Thing 1’s classmates told us interesting things about rats. It was the cutest time of my life.

After that, we had a slow, relaxed day, as we were both tired. I went home, had to take a weird detour because of police and a big truck in the middle of an intersection, and played Portal 2. We had company of the gaming variety after mah hubbeh got home. It was awesome. I love role-playing, but even when we end up distracted talking about books, video games, feminism, casting politics, and Spoony, it’s still fun.

I named things we found in our game. It actually ran until around half past ten, and I’m losing my ability to gracefully stay up late.

So that’s a regular update for yesterday. Life and stuff. I’ll have to write another post for today, probably about what I’m writing or what I’m reading. Lots of manga lately, mainly because it’s easy to get on my phone.


One thought on “Doing something a bit weird here

  1. So what have you been reading? I read Aria and Rurouni Kenshin… Started reading Ranma 1/2 and stopped after the first volume because the English translation is so horribly dated I couldn’t stand it… Now I’m on a mission to find the raws and just translate them myself because WHY NOT?

    In the mean time, I’ve started reading Akira… After that I might try reading Sailor Moon, though I get the feeling I might have to search out the raws for that one as well… This time of the year is a good time for reading, especially since I may very well be stuck inside until the new year due to holiday madness… Yaaaay…

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