Drawing today

I did work on the next encounter, but not a lot. I have it up to about the first dice roll, about to make a second. We mostly messed about, finished Half Life 2 (whaaAAaAat?) and started drawing. I scribble fairly quickly, and with very little aim to sense, but I decided to save a little of what we were doing.

First of all, I started working on a picture I started a while back while Dither was talking. While I was working on her hand (I suck at drawing hands) he asked if it was a girl or a guy. I added a breast and went on a long rant about what cartooning definitions of male and female characters are.

The mouth is a big factor, for one thing. I’ve seen series where the only way to know is the mouth and hair, maybe the nose. It’s not like it’s a trick, it’s just how most cartoon styles work. You know that Hello Kitty is female because of her bow.

Of course, he had to be a smeg-face and insist that cupids-bow mouths work on male characters, so I had to draw like FIVE of them.

Using the old technique of using the same body. Kind of like… I think it’s called the Face Technique? A lot of games and such that use anime styles use the same face for all of the female characters (maybe male as well, I’ve only heard it in reference to female characters) and just draw different hair and clothes.

We also talked about my drawing his characters again. I recoloured one of the ones I had already drawn, because I felt bad leaving it with digital watercolours instead of airbrushes. While doing that, I made a tiny version of one.

He is the cutest ever. I drew this because we were talking about how the character’s curly hair does not translate well to sprite form. So I had to draw some small curls to make up for the old drawing not having them.

Then I went to go draw some new ones, but in asking if he wanted them as the little squareheads or my defined style, I doodled him a different kind of sprite.

I’ll get back to writing the next PaPW encounter tomorrow. I have work, but I should be done by 1 o’clock at the latest, unless something unforeseen comes up. However, there is a chance that I’ll have part of the week off.  If I don’t, then it could be a busy week.

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