More about Candle

One thing I forgot to do in the encounter recap that was actually the reason that I summarised the way that I did. I wrote the entire thing on my tablet, using the Worpress app. It is not a horrible app, but it needs some things. Chiefly, a wordcounter. THERE EXISTS NO (WORTHWHILE) APP WITH A WORDCOUNTER. No, don’t link me to My Writing Spot. If you do, then you clearly have never seen it on a tablet. It’s got phone resolution. On a tablet. And no manual save. Go write in it yourself, I prefer apps that work.

Anyway. Rant aside. Another problem with starting a draft on the wordpress app is that it automatically becomes a “local” draft if you don’t choose to publish it from there. Local is jargon for “crap”. I cannot edit it anywhere else, even with an internet connection. So if I want to work on my local effing draft on a something with a keyboard that doesn’t occasionally hate me, I have to publish the post and then run to my PC to make it a draft again. Hurray.

I decided to try uploading it as a Private post, to avoid the awkward middle period and the one or two people who get updates in one way or another that I don’t directly control. But when I went to open it in Firefox, I got a corrupted WordPress Dashboard. The kitchen sink and its more basic side is (not was, still IS) gone. The text I took three days to write was literally invisible. I thought the post had gotten eaten.

Cue moment of panic.

Clicking anything did nothing. The page just jumped if I tried to edit the status or visibility, the radio buttons did not work, and my text was INVISIBLE. Then, to make it worse, somehow my tablet’s wifi turned itself off, so when I went to try and edit the local draft on the device I used to write it. I didn’t realise this until I thought I was just unable to get to my post in any way.

Then it all kind of slid into place. I realised the wifi was off, found my text. I selected my invisible text to make it visible by accident, and realised that the dashboard was just broken. It works fine in Chrome. So I’m using that until a miracle happens.

That took place. Other stuff about Candle that just… He is so broken. I  made him very poorly. There was also a discrepancy in his character sheet as it was printed, and in the digital file. It shouldn’t matter much, because I’ve not exactly posted any character sheets. Still, he had to undergo significant change.

I removed Intimidate from his skillset so that he could keep Seduction, a skill which I had apparently removed for Craft (Tailoring) because of something he’ll have to do later. Couldn’t exactly let him go on not having a Specialty Skill that I had him use already. My fault not remembering and not having my stuff on hand.

End result: Minor, if significant stat changes. Intimidate is now 0, Seduction is 2, Craft( Tailoring) is 2, and the orphan point went into General Knowledge because it’s an overlooked skill and why not.

I thought of fixing his attributes, then decided against it. He can struggle and save his experience to improve. It may make things more interesting. The fact that he kept drinking because of low resolve, but not getting drunk because of luck really made the boring rolls more fun.

Fun and normal changes to his sheet are the contacts (Belinda and the mysterious blonde man), and the addition of his earnings minus expenses to his starter money.

Hopefully, other encounters will not require this kind of addendum. But at least it was an addendum instead of a 2000 word post.


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