Oh, I’ll admit it all right

I was horrible lazy today. After work, I just dawdled about Barnes and Noble for an hour, got lunch at Rubio’s, and then hurried home before I could run into a third ambulance.

Some of the next encounter got done. I’m now on the round of three characters I actually blogged about, and with some advice that may have been partially a request, will do them in order of that appearance. Jess has so far run through enough of her posted backstory in a vague kind of way to end up in the pillar city, and is embarking into the interesting part where I cut it off. She had to do an Average Resolve roll, but nothing else since.

I didn’t want to leave the diversion of the drinking mechanics to just return to the combat system, so I tried to think of… huh, this is something that really ought to go into the recap when I’m done. But I’m really enjoying all this stuff. I was thinking about it on the way back to my car, and it just gets in my head and camps, even when I just can’t write it for block or whatever.

Part of me is reeling horrifically from the nightmare-ridden, crappy sleep I’ve been getting, but I can’t bear to not get something done in a day. Work feels more like a distraction–it’s important, sure, but there is something I’m supposed to be doing. Sometimes I just feel empty. Other times, even when I’m doing something, I feel so ineffectual, I might as well not do anything.

I think I need a break. I have to do something that is not wholly entertaining (reading, video games, movies) nor primarily productive (work, writing anything).

Maybe I’ll futz around with the backgrounds. I changed some things while writing the encounters, and if I want to make a separate blog, I’ll want pages for the characters.

Anywho. Head aches. I need to drink more water. How many times have I said that in my life? And why is Chaiyya Chaiyya Chaiyya such a boring song? It makes me want to use italics, and I loathe the gimmicky tatti.


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