Thanksgiving post

I did nothing.


Of course, I didn’t actually do nothing. I picked at Anson’s recap and played Dark Cloud 2 for a couple of hours while talking about awesome things with my husband. I left laundry undone with extreme prejudice.

I made a massive sticky coconut mess that ended with having to mop the floor. All because I did not go out and buy eggs when I should have, and other things that point to me not being an altogether bright young lady. (not all that young either. or lady.) We listened to Elvenquest, because it is brilliant.

We had, for my family, a small Thanksgiving. Just everyone who lives in my mum’s house and their most directly attached and available family. Spouses, eldest children. (heh, that last one means Cody and Abby. Cody is older than Abby’s mum.) And Grandma, who falls under “lives in my mum’s house”, but requires a separate mention anyway.

It was nice. Not lacking in any way, which is so refreshing in a world where it’s so easy to complain. “It was nice, but we had a fight. It was night, but it rained.” Nothing’s ever just nice anymore.

For some reason, that reminds me that it’ll be time to pay the rent soon.

It’s nice, but we have to pay to live here. Oh, it’s hard to portray jokes properly in simple text.


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