Japecakes again

Listening to: “All Alone” – Gorillaz

Haven’t been writing any more encounters, and that’s silly. I have work tomorrow, but it’s only ’til about noonish. I think. I could be forgetting something.

Anyway, I’m going to try to come up with a sort of playlist of basic ideas that the next run of encounters will go through. I’m not entirely sure how putting two of them together will go, or if I should go through in a supposedly established order. But since I don’t know how to do the former, I’ll do that.

First encounter will be Surinder meeting with Arete, who tells him what she knows of Lady Magna. Probably no altercations, but I’ll find something for the dice to do. For example, they could be interrupted by a girl who witnessed the goons heading their way, and they have to get out of there. Or he could repair a few things for her, which will affect how much she tells him about Lady Magna.

Next, I think I’ll put Edelweiss in a pub brawl. Candle takes her side out of chivalry–which isn’t on his sheet, but it is a character trait. Anson witnesses it and gets pulled into the middle of things, or patches them up afterwards.

After trying to get Aphrodite to go to the Watch, Jess takes her home, where I will try to use a few of Aphrodite’s skills on her rough sheet to make life awkward, with either black dice, or haver her work directly against Jess’s stats.

Although the rest are all in groups, having Jess be the only member of the party in a technically solo encounter is (obviously) not a way to make Aphrodite a party character. In fact, one could see it as the opposite. The encounters this time have the party split into 1, 2, and 3. If I had decided to make Aphrodite a PC, I would have written her an intro encounter.

But if I decided that I like all of the character interaction, I’d be perfectly able to bring Arete into the encounter.

My other blog still needs lots of work. I’m trying to decide if I’ll link it when I’m done, but for now, it’s just where it is. If I were to make a checklist–which I might do, Evernote has a checklist function I have been wanting to try out–it would have all of the character pages on it, plus a plot outline that is at least in my head, if not written down in any respect.


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