Old Improvement Meme

I was looking for something in my art folder, when I came across one of the memes that goes all over deviantART. This was one I did the year before last, although I honestly don’t remember where I was in my life back then.

It was before I’d met my husband, I think, because I met him last year. It feels funny to think that we’ve only known each other for a year, and we’ve been together for most of that. First time I saw him, I knew he was special. He’s the kind of person who stands out. To the right kind of people. If you’re lame, you would ignore him. In fact, that’s been an incredibly reliable “Is this person lame?” test of mine. If they don’t notice or don’t like my husband, then they are almost invariably lame.

I can apply it retrospectively too. The first person to hate me would never have noticed him. Would have probably hated him, if we’d all known each other at the same time. Idiot.

Anyway, art meme. I used to be absolutely awful. Of course, I don’t think I’m any great shakes now, but I was a special kind of crap when I started. And of course, I chose all of my best art to represent each of the years on the meme. So it all ends up looking pretty cool, all moving down to the end.

To round it off, here are a couple pictures I did in 2010:

The chibi one is already on the blog, but it’s worth reposting. Since the last thing I wrote in the meme was that I started the chibi style and tried backgrounds. Those backgrounds were probably all abstract. Anywho. Most of my art over the past year has already gone up on this blog, and sometimes I think it’s a severe step backwards. However, I’m still alive, and that means there’s room for improvement.


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