Shop at Think Geek

First off, this is awesome. I got online so I could read this post in comfort, and after I had done so, my phone dinged at me about a new email. As it’s easier, I check my mail on my phone most often.

On Monday, I battled for a couple of hours with the Think Geek website, trying to get Christmas gifts for the members of my family for whom Amazon would be a lost cause. Of course, I found stuff for all three of them straight off.

But when I got to checking out, I had some small problems. At the time, I remember just thinking I was doing something wrong, and just stuck with it. I had to get the stuff ordered, so it’ll come in time for Christmas.

Then yesterday, while we were getting awesome things at Costco, I checked my email in the checkout line and found an apology email with a $10 off coupon code. Pretty sweet. Apparently because of my issues with the site while checking out.

Now back to that email I mentioned that came today. A second apology email, which was a sort of clarification and made more sense than the first. Because I put up with the slow site and didn’t whinge about it, I get savings–but more importantly, incentive to buy more geeky swag.

Gonna wait until Dither comes home and let him pick something he wants.


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