Thoughts on anatomy

I realised while looking over my pictures the other day that I have a funny idea of anatomy.

It’s one of the harder things to learn when one is not a genius artist–which I definitely am not–but for me, it’s just that little bit harder.

I’m not whinging about it. It’s actually pretty funny to me. But I have a hard time drawing characters with feasible anatomy because I’m not quite proportionate myself.

Nothing dramatic, like disfigurement or lack of something. Rather, it can sound dramatic, but it really isn’t. I have (I would guess) about 2-5 extra inches of height because my torso is elongated. I have short legs and just about everything else short. Except hair. But my torso is longer, because my spine is a little long than it ought to be.

I’ve got an extra lumbar vertebra. Even Wikipedia will tell you that people have five. I have six. It’s like my first ever birthday present. I could be even shorter.

However, it does mean that if I use my own body as a guide, I can get a few things “wrong”. One in particular that I noticed is that I get the length of arms wrong. Because my arms are not the right length in proportion to my legs.

This basically means that I can’t draw a character with one or both arms at their sides and draw the “correct” distance between fingertips and knees if I’m using my own weird self.

Unless that’s what I’m drawing, of course. Which I used to do a lot. It’s fun to draw myself because I change so much, so often. I’ve cut my hair several times, dyed it nearly as often and frequently around the same time. I love making fun of myself or using cartooning to illustrate something I’ve thought about or done.

I should go back to doing it at least half as frequently as I used to. But I’m still getting back into a lot of things I used to do.

And right now I want to go play video games.


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