Jerks of all kinds

My post schedule may start getting spotty about… I think Wednesday week, and if it does, it’ll very likely stay that way until the second week of January. I’m a lazy creature by nature, so when I have a lot of responsibilities all at once, I start to fail. Not at my responsibilities, at least, not the actual important ones, but I’ve seen it happen over and over. Just thinking about my life schedule exhausts me. At least Christmas should be all right.

Today had some rotten things. It was interesting at first. The wind was so strong that it compelled me to go back up to our flat and get my heavy coat. Then two of the traffic lights were out. One of them was my left. I missed it because it was just another dark street in a highly residential area, and then managed to turn around and turn right. Oh wait, I tell a lie. Three of the traffic lights were out. One of them was at the intersection of two major streets.

That one was still out when I drove home, and some jerk-off working for FedEx flipped me off when I tried to drive through. Luckily they fixed it. After I had to deal with it. There was another route, I could have taken it. Fume fume.

Came home and played Uncharted. I don’t know what it is about that game. I enjoy it, I think. But there are so many little things that make it hard to want to keep on playing. The balance is probably great, but I find myself hating how long the stupid gunfights are. And some of them are impossibly hard for me. One had a guy working a turret gun that basically ruined an already challenging firefight. He was way above the rest of the fight, and protected by iron bars. I tried at least eight grenades over the course of my many, many deaths, and not one could get to him.

Once, he blew up somehow. I was too bogged down with seven other guys wielding AK-47s to see what killed him. I just heard an explosion, saw some smoke, and then realised that the regular rounds of turret fire had stopped.

Of course, when that happened, the fight was still too hard to be glad of the turret being down. I tried to wade in and deal some damage, but I got mowed down almost immediately. Seven tries later, I carefully took down each guy on the ground, then wandered around waiting for him to get pissed and come down to get me, or just disappear. Heaven knows that’s what I wanted him to do.

Finally, I realised that in between volleys, he would move aside, to check where I was, I guess. So I shot him in the face with a 9mm. Jerk.

There’s quite a bit of change-up in the game play, but that kind of works against it. I like everything better than the firefights. Even if it also has guns. The taking cover and shooting people in the face gets old, especially when it’s as hard as it is. I don’t play FPSs much. And the only one I’m any good at is Borderlands. So I’ll be fair, that’s more my failing.

And yet.

When it’s so bad that I feel like I have stopped playing the game every time I hear someone shout some iteration of “There he is!”, that is not a good sign. Killing these guys is a flipping chore. I’m going to finish the game. But I’m going to be annoyed every time I have to take cover and blast someone in the head.

I’ve logged in maybe 6-8 hours, and I just started chapter 8. At about hour 6, I was informed that I’d gotten 100 headshots, and 50 kills with the AK. This is insane.


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