Mount or kill a man for a gyro

Yes, I took a bad joke and made it even worse.

Working on two things at once right now (although I’m obvious taking a break to post this). My next PaPW encounter, which I actually started yesterday, and today’s blogger post. Yesterday, I could have probably finished my encounter, but it was getting on my nerves, and we had a Christmas party to go to.

Thinking about that makes me worry about a couple of things. One is time. I still have a few gifts to pick up, and we haven’t gotten all of the ones we ordered online just yet. I keep forgetting because I don’t actually like shopping unless I’m getting books or something I’ve been saving up for.

Writing is going slow because I still haven’t gotten any new batteries for my proper keyboard. For some reason, the Alphasmart has no problems when I type with it all on its  own, but it keeps giving  me this double-space on  my PC. I  have decided to stop going back and fixing them. It’s made this post take at least five extra  minutes thus far. Hopefully the extra spaces just  get spat out in hyperspace.

My brain feels like mush. I slept this afternoon, but I feel like I haven’t slept in a year all the  same. I’m dehydrated and my head is killing me, but more than  anything, my dry lips are driving me crazy. I  want to do something  useful or  at  least fun, but I can’t bring myself to  even get up and get a glass of  water.

Oy. With a post title this ridiculous, I really need to write something that’s entertaining. I had the idea of taking  a rather old and insanely long  writing meme  from deviantart and  finally finishing  it. I can  do  it in  pieces, because  posting the whole  thing would just  be stupid. The thing is, part of its length is  due to the fact that it  requires  ten responses per  question, of which there are about a  million.

So I need to pick ten  characters. I  have seven over at blogger, so I probably can’t do  this over there.  Here,  I can just pick  whoever.

I think that I have  enough in  We  Have  To  Start Somewhere… Nope,  only 9. I can probably come up with one  more, and then come back to finish writing my blogger post, and then  start messing about. And also find time to  do some proper writing, haha.


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