A tale of two blogs

I just started getting into the meat of my other blog a couple of days ago. But I’ve had the characters for Every Time We Say Hello for quite a while, and after even more failed free-writing, I still don’t think I have them or their world quite handled. Today, I tried first person, for the second time.

It’s better in the world-building aspect, but the name is forced, and it takes too long for anything to happen. I don’t want it to a huge collection of false starts, but then, maybe that’s what I need. I may never actually write the story, but I’ll have a lot of practise. Both in writing and in failing.

A bit closer to home, I’ve gone back to writing a story I started a long time ago. I might have blogged about it, or even posted the beginning. Yesterday I read it to Dither, and realised that it was only an abandoned start, not a failed one. Usually when I re-read something old, I change things as I read, but it was all still good.

So today I began adding to it. I had stopped before due to not having the plot entirely clear, and the beginning was better than I had intended when I had the idea.

The title is still Triggerfish, after the demon metaphysically bound to Ned Croyden, the main character.

I still need to wander over the plot–quite a bit–but the style wasn’t hard to regain. That’s usually what worries me.

It’s impossible for me to write any of the next PaPW encounter today, as I have none of my info with me, and also no dice. I’m working a long day, and hoping to make it home in time for needlework.


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