Second star to the right, straight on ’til morning

This is the first time in ages I have actually had a nap. It was almost completely intentional–I did lay down not caring if I fell asleep or not, but that wasn’t why I laid down. I fell asleep for about fifteen minutes first, but after I woke up from that doze, I took a real nap for about an hour.

It’s weird. Some people take naps and feel very refreshed when they wake up, but I feel out of sorts. Like I’m a different person, or in a different place. Sometimes, even if I was having a neutral dream or none at all, I feel anxious after I wake up, and immediately check all of the sites of security in our home. It’s not living in a flat either, I would do the same thing living with my parents.

I wonder if that’s the most realistic feeling for someone who has travelled to a different world multiple times. The place is familiar (example, I live here), but it’s still unfamiliar because of the mode of transportation, or whatever other factors.

I like writing people travelling to other worlds, and  maybe this is part of why. Everyone thinks to make their travellers suffer some sort of side effect on their first trip, at the very least (and most commonly) culture shock, but I don’t think it often happens that travel is consistently draining or… really anything.

Too often, nothing happens after that initial visit. No unconsciousness, no loss of memory, companions, clothing, or hair.

I don’t think I’m asking for that to change, for it to become a standard. I’m pretty sure that I’m simply noticing it.


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