The last couple days

This is another post that WordPress just destroyed. There is not a strong enough word to convey just how pissed I am about it. Just because I start a draft on a previous day and then finish and try to post it the second. If this is not fixed, I really will not continue to bother. The only reason I am is that this post is covering the past few days where my life has been either busy or crappy.

Ironically, the post that this ****-ing website just ate ended with a comment about my horrendous schizophrenic luck. I am the embodiment of Murphy’s Law.

I have been trying to write the next encounter, and for some reason, it just doesn’t seem to gel. Add that to the fact that I’ve been trying to write it at work when things have been getting harder, and I get poor writing and very little of it.

Even things I anticipated in the second half of last week were longer and/or harder than I expected them to be.  The SCA event was fun–I got called up in court with the rest of the Needlework Guild, which was fun, but I was embarrassed. I don’t really like being in front of lots of people anyway, but I’m not a member yet, so I don’t have a cool name. My name sounds really lame next to the others’.

There was a lot of food there, and I have a delicate stomach. Even eating too much can make the following day full of puke. But there was also some incredibly undercooked bacon. Seriously, what is so hard about “crispy”? I don’t care about speed in getting a meal, I want it to be edible. No one actually cooks bacon anymore.

So yeah. That’s pretty much the highlights of why I haven’t been writing, and why I really didn’t want to write anything today. I’ve been up since 6:00, dealing with the aftermath. Sulphur burps are the worst illness symptom EVER. (for a minor illness)

I’m afraid to end on the same sort of comment about my luck. With that taken into account, WordPress should crash and destroy my entire blog when I click Publish. (knock on wood)


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