Still happening, and book and story talk

Listening to: “New Soul” – Yael Naim

Second day of my body literally in agony. I slept okay, although I did wake up to puke around 3:00am. Now I feel like I’ve re-entered a routine, and I want more than quite a few things to be able to shower instead of just taking another bath.

Interesting to me–when I took a bath to relax and keep warm, the chills set in.

Around that time, I asked for the cavalry. Omma and Oppa came all the way out to bring me electrolytes, homeopathic drops, and more soup. They also brought a heating pad, which helped the chills immeasurably.

By late-ish evening, I felt good enough not to comment on my husband’s yummy dinner and to eat some crackers. We even watched The Princess and the Frog together. I love Jim Cumming’s Cajunness. It feels so refreshing. He deserves fanmail. His CV is basically my life of watching cartoons, and he’s so immediately recognisable.

I also started re-reading The Most Popular Book in the Whole World, which is helping me get through Twilight. I’m reading it so that I can practise editing. But it’s depressing, because I could have helped make it readable. Poor woman may be arguably insane (*cough*BREAKINGDAWN*cough*), but there are surprisingly easy ways to fix stuff like the main character’s unlikeability, and the unnecessary and occasionally incorrect fact-spouting.

While doing that, I got an urge to try writing first person in a female voice. The same genre, so I could read a chapter one, then anther, then write a bit.

The story has turned out kind of interesting, especially considering how I was for most of the day. I’ll probably blog more about it tomorrow, or after I write my next encounter.


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