Was it only hiatus?

As I said in a previous post, I spent some time yesterday getting back into my attempt at writing a script for a Team Fortress 2 animated series, which I commonly abbreviated to TF2 TAS. I ended up finishing the las episode I left hanging, and then wrote out the arcs (or whatever I should call them) to figure out that they spanned about two episodes an arc.

Knowing that has helped me define a guideline for the progression and pacing. It takes about two episodes to cover an arc, and each of them has so far led naturally into the next.

Arc 1 – Scout joins BLU Team. Covered in episodes 1 and 2, as initiation, and then training, concluded by the introduction of opposition and a mission as the start of the next arc.

Arc 2 – BLUs attack, REDs defend. Covered in episodes 3 and 4, as the beginning of the mission, and the failed end, with the tail of the next arc in mind.

Arc 3 – Attempts to recover. Current/incomplete arc. Covered in episode 5, as the signs of physical recovery, and the official introduction of the Spy and GRY.

To conclude this third arc in the same amount of episodes as the rest, I will have to tie up the starting threads of episode 5 and leave tails for Arc 4.

The Spy is playing both sides, arranging a meeting with each to regain (or in the BLUs’ case obtain) the pilfered item. Both BLUs and REDs are too smart to trust him, and decide to set a trap at the meeting place.

This is one of the two things that got me stuck when I stopped writing this series.

First, I was having problems with Episode 5 being significantly longer than every previous episode. When I looked back at it yesterday, I just finished it, never mind the length. Episode length doesn’t matter if it isn’t syndicated and broadcast on telly, yeah? Besides, I’m only writing them. So that’s solved.

The other problem, the second one that I actually mentioned first, is that I don’t know what to do next. I can get as far as episode 5 implies, but then I’m stumped.

Of course, the biggest problem that I had with writing this–the one that made me decide to quit–was that nobody cared that I was writing it. It is not an easy format, and it’s one of the forms of writing that is almost guaranteed not to be appreciated unless it’s “done” (animated), which I do not have the wherewithal to do.

But when I was reading the episodes again, I enjoyed them on my own. Maybe because I’ve spent time away from all the negative stuff. It made me want to finish the series, or at least continue it.

The dream still exists, but I’m not that kind.

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