Writing a smorgasbord of current, old, and new

It is amazing what can be done with three hours almost bereft of diatractions.

To start, I did distract myself reading some manga, but only for a few minutes. I also did two loads of laundry in that space of time–phenomonal, considering how long it usually takes. I want a new or different brand of dryer. Seriously.

But before that (well, while clothes were in the machines), I wrote quite a bit, but in many different places. I continued the story I blogged about the other day.

Fey Hunter is the tentative title. It was initially supposed to be my own take on the Girl Meets Boy Who is a Supernatural Thing story type. Being who I am, the first thing I did was start twisting it to what I wanted to do. In this case, the girl became the thing, and that thing was a hunter of many things.

Also, the setting may be high school, but she starts the story homeless. I’m not sure how or even if that will change. Her first friend is kind of a statue, too, which I find funny. The first chapter isn’t done, but I only have to get her to the school, maybe meet the guy.

I also did some work on TF2 TAS, but I want a full entry for that.

Then, I wrote a few lines for chapter 8 of We Have to Start Somewhere. I didn’t get a lot done, since I had to get the laundry finished. But it was funy how quickly I got on a roll. I really coildn’t stop writing, the ideas just kept coming.

That sounds quite pompous, but it’s one of those things that really can’t be said properly. I don’t mean anything abstract, that concepts and new plot points kept coming into my head, just that I knew what to write next, and I had to write it down. I couldn’t really find a stopping point right away, and Imhad to intentionally refrain from continuing.

Anywho. Now it’s time to make dinner, then I might have a chance to write an entry about TF2 TAS.


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