Dear P3P – WHY?

Listening to: “The 11th Hour” – Taio Cruz

This isn’t really serious, but I’ve been thinking about it.

First of all, I own Persona 3 FES, but I haven’t beaten it. I’m playing Persona 3 Portable now, and I’m in the middle of May 9th. And I have one persistent, niggling question.

Why is there no option for the female main character to romance Junpei?

No, really. I know he’s not exactly a bishounen or even a cool guy, using the lame stereotypes that JRPGs practically melt with overuse. But he’s fun. He gets ragged on like he’s a douchebag (thank you, Yukari), but from what I’ve seen, he’s not one. More on that after I’ve ranted about what I meant to. Anyway, my point is that he isn’t an obvious love interest–and he’s not a character I have this big jones for. I’m getting all of this from the story and (ironically/technically one-sided) interactions.

I’ve been playing with a social links guide, because I don’t want to miss anything, and I slipped up somewhere and ended up with a higher ranking with him than the person who wrote the guide. Every time the guy calls you up or runs into in the hall, he’s nothing but friendly–almost too friendly. Not in a bad way, just… If a guy acted like this in another story or real life, he’d be in a love story or end up in trouble.

Maybe it’s just that he’s remarkably comfortable in his attitude, but will occasionally get embarrassed or nervous, often when realising that he’s hanging out with a girl and that his behaviour wasn’t neutral. He makes a point of calling attention to the differences between hanging out with guys and a girl, and judging from these statements, he appears to consistently prefer the female player’s company. (granted, this is looking at it from an almost exclusive familiarity with that playthrough. I don’t remember the guy’s POV anymore)

Even when he tells you that you should go after one of the other male characters, and that he’s basically excited to be your yenta, he still comes off as a viable love interest. Raise your hands anyone who’s seen Some Kind of Wonderful.

I was actually playing the bit on the train, and had to pause the game to write all of this. There’s so much that I’ve been thinking about it that I had to reload my game and play through it again to remember what I wanted to write about in the first place.

Anyway, what that was is that he’s getting antsy about the female character–I’m just gonna start saying Fiore, since that’s what I named mine–more or less becoming the official leader of the group. You could say that it’s a gender issue. You could also say that it’s embarrassing for a teenage guy to be the underling of a girl he likes. I like both stories. They both lead to him running ahead to fight the monsters when Fiore decides they should be careful and not run after it.

While looking for him, Yukari points out that he’s acting weird and wonders whether Fiore said something to him. This would really work well in a romantic subplot. Just saying. Especially since Fiore has been hanging out with him a lot. He called her at least twice during Golden Week.

The train nearly crashed into another train, and Fiore pulled the brake while everyone else was freaking out. (this is starting to sound like a fanfic…) When Junpei asked if she was okay, he called her Fiore-tan. -Tan is a super cutesy suffix, like -chan, but kind of baby-talk-y. He calls Yukari by that honorific too, but he clearly does it to annoy her, and this is the first time he ever applied it to Fiore. At a moment when anyone would need comfort. I chose “I was so scared…!” as a response (going with a character who is actually brave, you know, overcoming fear instead of not having any). This provoked an adorkable moment wherein he tried to calm her down and offered his (used) handkerchief.

I could actually picture this as a scene–a real one, with Fiore, y’know, moving instead of being represented by a textbox. She’s just been brave, then breaks down because this is her friend, she can trust him, and then he makes her laugh by being hopeless and kind of gross. It’s cute, right? I’m not insane, am I?

((…the cell phone rang the next morning and I swear I expected it to be him.))

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