A different kind of swing

I feel sort of like I’m back in the swing of things. We’re both doing better with housework, and this week was not as long as I had expected. Even getting sick was only a minor setback. I bounced back in full.

I’ve been able to play video games and watch movies, but I’m still writing. I dropped the nowhere blog for that story, because it’s either cursed or just a bad idea. But I finished the dangling episode–that was only infamous to me–and even made notes for TF2 TAS episode 6. I came up with Fey Hunter and wrote about 1600 words for a rough first chapter.

There’s another high school paranormal romance I thought of, but it’s kinda dumb. Basically the main character is a fairly ordinary girl whose best friend infallibly predicts the future. He predicts that she will be together forever with the new guy in school–but then they find out that the new guy is a hellspawn abomination who will bring about the ruin of mankind. There’s also a gay dad in the story, so it must be a marketable idea. [/lame]

Yesterday I made a scene in Novelty. I posted on my Twitter account that it made me realise that I do not have the chops as an artist that I wish I had. My shading is not complex enough, and I don’t have much skill in drawing the same character over and over. I respect myself and others too much to just draw one character and then change nothing but her facial expressions.

Still, it was nice to give the maker a go. The scene was about the meaning of the title Every Time We Say Hello. Maybe I’ll knock out a small cast and make a quick shoujo ai game. I’m better at drawing girls, and there are probably not tonnes of games in that genre. And best of all, with this type of game, the title doesn’t have to make sense.


Today, I finished writing Chapter 8 of We Have to Start Somewhere. …I say finished, but I think after I post this, I’ll add another two pages. I want to end that chapter with the fourth man found, so the next chapter can be in his point of view.

The only things really suffering right now are my blackwork and the PaPW encounters. Part of the problem with PaPW is that I was writing it on the Alphasmart, and then I got new batteries in my keyboard. Haven’t taken the time to transfer what I had, or to just continue. I also don’t have it with me today.

It’s actually less that I don’t know what to write, and more that I don’t have my stuff with me. Besides that, I don’t think I have anything to fuss over. I just want to be writing, whether its WHtSS, PaPW, or just freewriting a new idea. It’d be nice to have a schedule, but then it’d feel like work.

………I just realised that I’ve got another sock with holes. That’s the fourth one this month. I need new socks. My jeans are starting to betray me, too. So many holes!


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