Into the Rift – Planning an Expedition

An animated series that I want to write in my spare time. I have some of it right now. So far, I have the setting, which is one I am testing out, and the two main characters. There is an animal companion, which most assuredly does not talk.

I should probably plan out the entire storyline of a short series. Then break it down into episodes. I can see what they’re doing at some point, and I know how Mamie acts. She’s sassy, impatient. Eager to discover things. Norman is a little dreamy-eyed, but assertive. They clash often, but he tends to win arguments because he thinks more.

The world is an ancient one. Their creation legend, universally believed thanks to geographical evidence, claims that their home was covered in ice until a rift opened and the land was literally sundered by monsters and chaos. Afterwards, everything returned to the rift. Thanks to the thorough tilling, the land became arable, and the weaker “monsters” remained, eventually evolving into something very like humans.

These people advanced to a high level of technology, with somewhat lesser acknowledgement of the magic available thanks to the rift. But the scholars who follow the rift activity begin to predict that it’s going to widen and release the chaos again.

Two children, one the child of a rift scholar, venture into the rift to discover the truth.

Inside, they find a realm that resembles the common idea of the afterlife. Network of honeycombed, dark tunnels to reach it. But the world itself is beautiful, difficult to leave. Soon, the kids realise that things are not any lovelier inside the rift than out.

They try to help on both sides, losing sleep and the trust of their families. One starts living in the rift, travelling deeper until something new emerges. Topside, the other kid uncovers information regarding a second rift.

When a desperate scholar trying to hide this second rift finds the kid, let’s say Norman for now, the desperate scholar wants him silenced. Mamie comes back up in time to save him with demon help.

That’s what I got. When I have a more detailed outline, I’ll sit down with a computer that’s got Celtx and write out an episode or two. Or maybe I’ll decide on a comic script or storylets instead. Maybe something with hypertext.

…looking back on this, it seems overly vague. I ended up writing it over quite a period of time, and I lost my momentum. Mostly, I like the characters and the inside of the second world, the potential for monsters and ghosts. I know the colours, especially Mamie’s.

She’s pink and cream, with flashes of blue and brown. Norman is all blues and whites, some grey. The riftworld is bright with greens and yellows, some pinks that contrast with Mamie’s more pastel palette.

As long as I keep impressions like that, I can probably write any medium I want.


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