WordPress app failed again

Listening to: “I Saw a Deer Today” – Mike Morasky

I may start to find these foibles impressive. My alternatives are to be amused or pissed off. Yesterday, my post count was perfectly fine at two, and I didn’t know if or when I’d be able to post today. So I scheduled the third post I wrote yesterday to go up today.

But there it is, happily informing me that it was posted last night, when I scheduled it for this morning.

Oh well. It isn’t exactly something new. Or at least, not the most unexpected thing to happen of an afternoon. I actually made a stupid joke and went to go draw it, but then it turned into something else and I got to thinking about my last blog of the day that was supposed to be today. I did some more notebook writing to get more of an idea of what I wanted to do, and also wrote up some character descriptions.

Then I decided on a cartoon script, and opened up Celtx to write up the character stuff I had. I said many times (to myself anyway) that I wouldn’t draw the characters, and I have been having quite a nasty time with my art. So, not in the mood to draw.

However. I opened up Painter 9 to draw a quick joke image like my sarcasm sign, and it turned out so well that I decided to keep drawing and went ahead with one of the images of Mamie that I have had stuck in my head since I decided to write her story down.

Originally, she was meant to go into the woods, not the the rift, but she’s still the same age. If a bit rowdier. She was more resigned when faced with the woods, but with the rift, she’s more determined and almost angry at it for being there. The woods were mysterious and daunting, a nameless terror that loomed. The rift is this thing that she sees as “to be conquered”.

This is the picture I’m going to use in my internal files, with Celtx and the like. I’m saying that I’ll probably not draw any more of her, and probably not Norman at all, but we’ll see how that goes. That Christmas party I mentioned is actually today, so I probably won’t have much time to do more after I post this. Tomorrow, the big day!

I have a present for you all–actually, a present from my hubby as well. :) Don’t forget to come by on or after Christmas to see it.


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