Headaches impair brain function

Lately, I’ve been having a lot of headaches. I’m pretty sure this one is my own fault, though. I stayed up too late.

It makes it hard to be jazzed about anything, for a start. Yesterday was a nice Christmas. We got to do everything we wanted to do–at least in a broad spectrum–and everyone liked their gifts. I know that people tend to, but we focused on giving things that would be appreciated, consumed, and/or used.

I forgot to take any of the homemade chocolate, and that category was where Appa’s entire present lay. He didn’t mind, but I felt bad. I’ll have to go visit him when I don’t feel like my head is a chunk of clay trying to stay attached to a toothpick.

We got the most eclectic collection of Harry Potter movies, which made me laugh. We didn’t have any, and now we have the fourth, fifth, and eighth ones.

I would really like to sit down and write the next encounter, or get more than a hiccuping start on Chapter 10, but it’s so much more difficult with a headache. My tablet is actually encouraging more typos than usual.

Next PaPW encounters:

Arete and Surinder go into Lady Magna’s mansion, hear out the proposal–which Surinder will have to explain forgetting–and then they refuse, fight their way to a standstill, and try to use force to keep Lady Magna from coming after either of them.

Candle goes to meet with his lady lover, and realises how deep in it he is when she lays out terms. If I have time, his other lover may show up.

Anson tries to convince Edelweiss to submit to an examination, and invites her to join the women and men under his care.


I still need to work on Chapter 10. It’s not an easy chapter–more dialogue-driven exposition from a character that I’m not always confident in. I have a couple of ideas for ITWYM, but I have to scrap one of them, and I have to replay the first few hours of one of the other games to refresh my memory.

Is it spreading myself too thin if no one is interested in any of the projects? I thought that it meant I just had a lot of things I wrote for myself.


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