Sunshine through the clouds

Listening to: “Diva” – Origa

So, yesterday was spectacularly crappy. I could barely think, and the best sleep I got was when I opened up the most boring ebook I own and let the TTS engine read it to me. I posted a lot though. I think I might actually have my highest post count for a month since March.

It made me want to actually post some writing though, and since I don’t really have a lot of time today, I went ahead and finally posted Triggerfish, something that I have apparently been meaning to do for some time. I found it in my WordPress drafts. Along with something I was writing to continue my 500 themes. It seems such a shame that I stopped writing those, while at the same time, it just seems early for what would have to have happened anyway–there weren’t actually 500 themes. I looked them up not long ago, and the person who’d made the group had never finished thinking of all 500 themes.

However, maybe I can go back to them one day with someone who did finish writing up all 500. I do know of one, and who knows? Maybe it’d be a good way to get me working on one thing and just free-writing on the side until that one thing is done. …Oh wait, PaPW. Alternating those two, then. I also want to have another ITWYM? for Friday, but that’s up in the air right now.

That one thing would/will be We Have to Start Somewhere, of course. I’m going to write that today, when I have a minute. Chapter 10 is all about two ladies having a drink and talking about serious business.

Appa is going to give me a hand getting to the store and picking up a mouse. Feeding the snakes and giving their cage a clean today. I still want my own, so when we go to the pet store, I’ll see how much they cost, in case Oppa wants to keep Echo after all.


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