Last post of the year

I wasn’t going to post anything today–not because of what day it is, just because it’s been that kind of day. I kept trying to get time to work on my novel, but I guess I just wasn’t meant to start it today.

That’s okay. Probably better to start another day anyway. December 31st is a pretty awkward date to begin a month-long project. I did finish the cover, though.

After the way today went, I don’t want to advertise when I intend to or even actually begin working on it. I just feel like I jinxed myself. Maybe that’s stupid, but I don’t particularly care if it is or isn’t.

On a brighter note, I made Jell-O in a Pyrex dish, and the squirt-y whipped cream is almost full. Best way to celebrate a holiday that isn’t particularly exciting on its own.

Happy New Year.


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