Your Beautiful Second Chapter

Watching: Burn Notice, season 2


Today was full of petty annoyances. The people upstairs thumped and slammed things more often than usual, and even putting on headphones didn’t drown it out. We had to drive out to West Valley to get something before company came, which was fine, but then I only had a small window of time in which to write.

During that time, my computer spazzed out with a virus. I spent the rest of my window dealing with that. A good chunk of the day writing on a different computer while jumping back to check on my ailing computer.

We had a good time with our company, but after that, we had to drive out again for more company. :) I got us pretty lost on the way to the place we wanted to eat supper, and then it turned out to be one of those places where waiting for food takes longer than eating it.

Anyway, my times to write were pretty few, far between, and short. When they weren’t short, for some reason I had a hard time just staying on task. But I managed to get a good 1700 words, which is what I needed. I hit an irritating snag on the end of the chapter, but at least it isn’t ended too short or pushing too much of the wrong stuff into chapter three.

Maggie is introduced, and Natalie gives her the costume. She meets Cedric, who does not immediately ingratiate himself. Hopefully when I write the last 300-500 words, he’ll approach her with a job, poorly, and gets her email. Then chapter three might start with his email instead… but probably not. Either a blog post or the first one without one.


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