My Beautiful Streak Continues


And nobody is more surprised than me.

I started back at work this morning, and managed to get about… I wanna say 500 words, before the kids started waking up and wanting to play. I didn’t think I’d have time to write until after lunch, but then I ended up having an early day, and came straight home to write.

I started to get frustrated, and thinking about the other stuff I would like to do today (like nap), so I did the same thing I usually do when I don’t think I can write. Opened up WriteMonkey, turned on the timer asking only 800 words of myself. I got 1400 words exactly.

So now I have to start thinking that WriteMonkey is a reliable way to get all of the words I need. I get to good chapter endings–or at least decent ones, and I don’t have to worry about my formatting going to chunks because I turned of Auto-Replace and now it basically functions like plaintext.

Highly recommended. Now I’m going to fall asleep or fall asleep with an Xbox controller in my hand and pretend I’m actually awake enough to play Deus Ex Human Revolution.

Oh yes, and what happened in this bit of writing is that I actually remembered Dakota, and Cedric got some more character development. VAGARIES YAY.


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