Empty hands and missteps with titles

Listening to: “Wanda Wanda” – Yu Miyake

First of all, I’m officially back in the writing swing, but it is bloody slow going. I took my notebook to work, but it’s as demanding as ever. I actually spent the entire day trying to get Thing 2 to give me some time to myself. I got less than a page in my notebook. The other problem is the same one that really, really made me want to start the whole thing over.

The title.

It belonged to something else initially. Something darker, more violent, and far less structured. The guy in this is dangerous, but he spends the first quarter of the book as mostly to entirely pleasant.  Not (just) because I suck, but because that’s his character. It behooves him to act nicey-nice, and he does feel an interest in this girl. Besides that, he has not turned out to be much of a predator. Predator is a pretty specific word, and implies a certain relationship with the prey. A direct bond without much room for interpretation.

He’s using her, but he’s not really preying on her. Ugh, I feel like I’ve said all of this before. When I wanted to start over before. This chapter feels ridiculous. I am not in the best mindset, obviously. The writing is not bad, but it might not be what I want either–and that’s worse than bad. I can fix bad. But if a story is called Falling In Love on a Budget, and the story is about a house that kills people… There’s a bit of unacceptable dissonance.

But what to call it instead? I had a perfectly good title. It’ll work for an idea more like the one I had before. What’s a good title for this story? Bespoke? Maybe something like Clothes Make the Fantasy/World.

I’m too tired to think of anything decent. Why can’t I just focus?


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