Her Indifference Fills the Room

Listening to: “PotatOS Lament” – Mike Morasky

Sometimes song lyrics are just so insanely good that I have to write them down. This’d be a good title for somebody, but probably not me. It’s too specific and reflects a kind of experience in life that I have been fortunate not to have. That is, the whole pub circuit dating thing. It’s considered to be normal by some people. I find that sad. That being continually used or rejected in a relatively short period of time is seen as ‘normal’.

My relationship is quite often remarked upon. I met my husband at a library NaNoWriMo session and married him within the year. People pass comment, and although I am not offended, I must admit that I am surprised. Perhaps it’s just my range butting in to make the world look unreasonable, but I have seen so many different kinds of relationships that mine has never seemed very strange to me. (One of) My uncle(s) is ten years older than his wife, but they have always looked and acted the same age. My grandfather remarried at a later age. My brother has only ever dated one girl, and he’ll probably marry her.

What I find strange and rather awful is what came before I met my husband. I have been stalked, harassed, sought by someone twice my age, and dumped while being told I was doing the dumping. What then, is the correct reaction upon meeting the right person? To set up a minimum amount of time necessary before society says we’ve dated long enough? It was hard enough waiting as long as I did.

Some people date for five years and then break up. I wanted to get married. He wanted to get married. There was not and won’t be anyone else I want. Not even that guy you’re thinking of. No, not even him. ;p So what point was there in waiting any longer than it took to get everything we needed for a life together? None.

I don’t think I had a point when I started writing. Probably just my low post count for the month bugging me.


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