The depression of trying a new movie

Why is it that when I have time and inclination, I can only get as far as wanting to watch a movie? I’ll look through my shelves, and eventually decide that no, I don’t really want to watch anything. Nothing I own looks good, or I’m not in the right mood for this genre or that old classic. I want a comedy, but I want a fresh one, but I don’t want to commit my attention span to something I don’t already know is good.

It’s frustrating. It happens with anime too. I have an account at one of those sites that tracks what series and movies you’ve seen, and also what you’re in the middle of. When I’ve crossed off movies, I go to the anime shelf, and decide one at a time that I don’t feel like committing to any of them. Black Jack is one that really gets my goat–I love the character, and the series, but just looking at the number of episodes makes me feel like watching any is a drop in the bucket.

I like being able to tick off a series as “Watched”. I don’t know why. It’s not an accomplishment thing, it’s just the idea of not having another thing in progress. But I get tired of what I’m in the middle of. That new series looks interesting up to the third episode.

Maybe I’m just in a funk. I’ve been Snowflaking a different project, preparing for the inevitable realisation that I was on the wrong track with my focus. Which is an irritating realisation that I am putting off.

Today, I re-watched The Hard Way while writing so that I could have some voices. There are too many voices in that movie. I forgot how utterly pathetic it is. So I read some Rotten Tomato reviews to make myself feel better. That doesn’t always work, but I need someone else to spew vitriol at something that has annoyed me sometimes.

My grammar has gone. I should go too. There’s laundry awaiting.


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